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Admits a governmental shutdown, the United States of America went ahead and released a new 100 dollar bill. The new 100 dollar bill was released in order to give some added security in order to assist in the battle against counterfeiting. While many may argue that the United States of America is the biggest counterfeiter in the world, taking any measure to protect individuals from receiving money that is not actually usable a good thing. Here’s two of the new features to look for on the new 100 dollar bill in order to keep yourself protected.

The Blue 3-d Security Ribbon

While I personally do not believe the 100 dollar refresh added much beauty in terms of design, the added security features are visual to the naked eye. First off is the added blue ribbon on the front side of the 100 dollar bill. If one were to tilt the bill back and forth, you will notice a series of 100s that move side to side. Alternatively, if you move the bill from side to side, you will see a series of 100s moving up and down. The blue ribbon is not printed on the bill but instead, woven into the bill.

The Bell in the Ink Well

On the right side of President Benjamin, there’s a bell that is in a container used to hold ink known as an ink well ( I had to explain that because, well, who uses those anymore?). The color of the bill shifts depending on the perspective that you are viewing it at. The bell changes from copper to green in order to give the bell the effect of disappearing into the ink well.

There’s a few security designs that have been retained from the older version of the bills that you can check out here.


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