Paul Walker’s Death Gets Proclaimed as a Hoax

Conspiracy theorist seem to be hard at work in order to disprove that Fast and Furious actor, Paul Walker, lost his life in a fiery car crash almost a month ago. The debunkers over at Nodisinfo stirred up some evidence by collecting and analyzing photos and videos of the car crash. While some of the points made are a reach at best, there is one particular evidence that will probably keep this hoax alive for some time.

Back story: Paul Walker and his friend Roger Roads died while taking a $300,000 Porsche out for a test run shortly after a charity event. Reports have indicated that the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT hydroplaned as a result of high speed and caused the car to crash, killing Roger Roads instantly but leaving Paul Walker to suffer from his injuries momentarily as he burned alive.

Nodisinfo has attacked all of this as a stunt carried out by the Fast and Furious production team. Nodisinfo has pointed out “the fact that Mr. Walker warned his fans a number of times to be happy, to “smile,” in the event that he might die a violent (car crash) death.”They continue by pointing out a photo in which “fire-proof Mario can readily be seen in the frame” and continues to talk about a fire extinguisher that was used as a prop. While we are not sure why the fire extinguisher is relevant, the photo (below) is quite interesting. It’s hard to make out what the arrow is pointing to as it could very well just be smoke, or exactly what Nodisinfo points it out to be.


However, this isn’t the evidence that will keep the hoax alive as it is a very subjective one. The one that will keep this hoax alive is the licence plate discrepancy that suggest that the car crashed was not the same as the car that Paul Walker drove off in. As the photo below shows, Paul Walker entered a car with a licence plate that sported the numbers “7CCY590” and contained the words “Always Evolving” at the bottom of the plate. However, the licence plate found on the destroyed Porsche Carrera GT reads the numbers “7CCY59” (it’s missing a zero) and does not contain the words “Always Evolving”.

Paul Walker Car Plates

One can make the argument that it was burned off, however the spacing of the of the numbers on the plate are irregular when compared to the original. More so, the placement of the plate is even more irregular. How did the plate end up how it is propped up in the picture? Nodisinfo claims that it would have to have been planted there.

Head on over to Nodisinfo to check out the full list of “proof” they have regarding the death of Paul Walker.

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